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Our favourite walks

There are so many stunning walks near the chalet that it's pretty hard to reduce it to a shortlist but the list below are the walks that we return to time and time again and the ones that I highlight when guests ask for recommendations - I've not had any complaints yet! They're all day walks but it's possible to stay overnight at the refuges, which makes for a great adventure for young children.

I will gradually be adding descriptions and photos for all these walks to the site but in the meantime they can all be found in the walks books (one English and one French) in the chalet. I'll also add to this list as we continue to explore.

  • Cirque de fer à cheval

  • La Bourgeoise

  • Lac de Gers

  • Refuge Anterne / Alfred Wills

  • Refuge de Sales

  • Refuges Golèse and Bostan-Tornay

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